Important Changes to Ready, Willing and Able: Program Update

On August 31, 2018, Phase 1 of the Ready, Willing and Able project ended. Due to changes in project funding, beginning September 1, 2018, RWA will no longer be active in every Canadian province and territory. For the September 2018 to March 2019 period, RWA will be active in the following provinces – Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia.

Since its inception in September 2014, RWA, together with our 200+ employment agency partners throughout the country, has been successful in conducting initial outreach to more than 7,900 Canadian businesses, actively working with over 2,700 businesses and helped realize over 2100 employment opportunities for individuals with an intellectual disability or ASD. In addition to our outreach and engagement of local businesses, RWA has also established partnerships with six nationwide businesses – Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd., Holloway Lodging Corporation, Home Depot of Canada Inc., Purolator Inc., Sodexo Canada Ltd., and Value Village.

The RWA partnership remains committed to advancing inclusion in the workplace and building on achievements within Phase 1. To that end, we currently have a proposal submitted to the Federal Government (as a component of the 2019-20 Federal budget) that, if funded, would see the program once again fully active in select communities in all provinces and territories. We are hopeful that this proposal will garner positive federal support and will keep current and future businesses apprised of any future changes to potential project funding via this website.

On behalf of the entire Ready, Willing and Able team across the country, thank you for your ongoing commitment to inclusive hiring! We look forward to continuing to work with businesses across Canada to build a more inclusive labour force for all Canadians.