The Business Case for Inclusive Hiring and Workplaces

What is Inclusive Hiring?

Inclusive hiring is the process of intentionally hiring people from all backgrounds and abilities to meet the labour or skills needs of a firm. Inclusive hiring is built on Inclusive Workplaces that offer employees with disabilities equal opportunity to succeed, learn, be compensated fairly, and advance as their peers. Inclusive hiring creates inclusive workplaces which in turn create more successful, productive and adaptive businesses.

Ready, Willing and Able (RWA) is here to help you reach your inclusive hiring goals. Active in every province and territory across the country, RWA is a free program that has helped thousands of Canadian businesses become more inclusive. And we look forward to working with you.

Most businesses already understand the broad benefits of a more diverse workforce. But when it comes to disability, and specifically people with intellectual disabilities or on the autism spectrum, businesses may have concerns about productivity, retention, innovation and other aspects of their operations. But the evidence and Ready Willing & Able’s results since 2014 show just how impactful and beneficial inclusive hiring can be for your business and bottom line. 

Download our Business Case for Inclusive Hiring and Workplaces to discover the business benefits of hiring people with an intellectual disability or on the autism spectrum.

Click here to download RWA’s Business Case