New National Employer Partnership confirmed with IBM


Ready, Willing, and Able (RWA) is pleased to announce the establishment of a national employer partnership with IBM Canada. For several years, RWA and IBM have collaborated at a local level in Nova Scotia. Building on this success, RWA and IBM will now expand their collaboration to other locations across the country.

IBM has an innovative work culture deeply rooted in diversity and inclusion. For more than a century, IBM has engaged with communities with a strong commitment to reflect the diverse population of Canada and provide better outcomes and opportunities for employees, clients and society.

“At IBM, celebrating diversity is essential to the way we do business”, said Lynn Clark, Client Innovation Centre Nova Scotia Leader, IBM Canada. “With RWA, IBM can increase its reach in Canada by connecting with a diverse pool of talent inclusive of abilities. Our joint venture will help IBM continue to create an inclusive workplace that allows us to innovate better and help our employees, clients and the communities we serve to succeed and thrive.”