Meet Donna: The Cashier Inspiring Change at Red River Co-op 

Donna at the cash register

Red River Co-op, a leading name in Winnipeg, has made waves in the grocery sector over the past decade. With several stores in the city and surrounding areas, they’re dedicated to serving the community in more ways than one. But it’s their partnership with Ready, Willing & Able (RWA) that’s creating impact. This collaboration has not only evolved their hiring process but has also brought remarkable employees like Donna into the spotlight. 

After working successfully as a cashier at a dollar store for many years, Donna was ready for a new challenge. Enter RWA, supporting people with intellectual disabilities and on the autism spectrum to find meaningful employment. When Donna learned about an opening at Red River Co-op’s Southdale store, she knew she would be the perfect fit. 

Donna applied for the cashier position and impressed the Front-End Manager with her experience and warm personality. “I knew right away that she’d be great with our customers,” said the manager. Donna did not disappoint. She quickly became one of the reliable cashiers, known for her accuracy and friendly demeanor. 

Donna’s success didn’t stop at the cash register. Recognizing her potential, the team began training her for more complex tasks like handling the express lane and managing the lottery terminal. These roles require quick thinking and multitasking, but Donna was ready to take on the challenge.  

Donna’s presence has had a ripple effect throughout the Southdale store. She is always willing to help her coworkers, take on extra shifts, and ensure smooth operations. Her colleagues appreciate her reliability and kindness, creating a supportive and inclusive work environment. 

Red River Co-op’s experience with inclusive hiring offers a powerful lesson for other employers. The Front-End Manager praises RWA for matching candidates like Donna to roles they’re well-suited for. “It’s all about finding the right fit,” the manager explains. Donna continues to bring stability and commitment to the workspace and plays a significant part of the team. 

Red River Co-op encourages other businesses to consider inclusive hiring. They believe that working with organizations like RWA not only supports individuals with disabilities but also enriches the workplace with skilled and enthusiastic employees. Donna’s story is proof that inclusive hiring isn’t just the right thing to do—it’s a smart business move. 

Donna’s journey of becoming a valued cashier at Red River Co-op is a testament to the power of inclusive hiring. Her story shows how partnerships like the one between Red River Co-op and RWA can make an impact and create a more inclusive community. If Donna’s story inspires you, imagine the countless other businesses that could be transformed through similar initiatives. Red River Co-op’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for everyone.