Neuro Plus Accelerates Growth across Canada in partnership with Ready, Willing and Able

Ready, Willing, and Able (RWA) is very pleased to welcome Neuro Plus as its newest national partner.

The Neuro Plus-RWA partnership launched in Quebec. Building on that success, this partnership is now expanding to include additional locations across Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Alberta and British Columbia.

Neuro Plus is dedicated to enabling neurodiverse job seekers to fully make most of their cognitive strengths and creativity. Neuro Plus focuses its efforts on supporting and developing an inclusive professional environment that builds upon the skills of its clients and employees. This company also provides high quality professional services to its employer partners.

Neuro Plus has empowered hundreds of neurodiverse people, employed or ready to be employed, across several fields, including accounting, finance, operations, office clerks, IT, marketing, legal, etc. The organization’s Canadian activities are experiencing strong growth across Canada given that the demand for highly qualified long-term employees is steadily increasing in multiple fields.

Neuro Plus is a Canadian company that was born from the meeting of three entrepreneurs in the field of technology, employment integration, and scientific research. They decided to found Neuro Plus to provide employment to neurodiverse job seekers and to support them job seekers to prosper in multiple professional domains.