RWA is pleased to announce a national partnership with Deloitte


2020: New Year, New National Partner!

Ready, Willing and Able is delighted to recognize Deloitte as our newest national employer partner. RWA has had the opportunity to work with Deloitte since 2014 and is pleased to formalize our work together and expand our support to Deloitte offices across the country. In partnering with RWA, Deloitte continues to demonstrate their leadership in workplace diversity and inclusion through creating a workplace that leverages the skills and talents of persons with an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder. We look forward to working with Deloitte offices across Canada! 

“Ready, Willing & Able has been instrumental in helping Deloitte become a more inclusive workplace for people with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities. We believe that by focusing on abilities, not disabilities, we gain access to an often overlooked talent pool, in a variety of roles across our business. The training and ongoing support RWA has provided to our staff has been important for developing important leadership skills in our people which results in a stronger and more resilient business. Ready, Willing and Able will continue to play a vital role in our goal of creating a more inclusive Deloitte for people with disabilities.”

– Ken Fredeen, General Counsel