SITA in Canada: Accelerating the digital travel transformation through cutting age technology.

Ready, Willing, and Able (RWA) is pleased to welcome SITA, the world’s leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology, as its newest national employer partner. This new partnership will explore employment opportunities in SITA’s Canadian office locations. 

SITA is the air transport industry’s IT provider, delivering solutions for airlines, airports, aircraft and governments. SITA’s technology powers more seamless, safe and sustainable air travel. With around 2,500 customers, SITA’s solutions drive operational efficiencies at more than 1,000 airports while delivering the promise of the connected aircraft to customers of 17,700 aircraft globally. SITA also provides technology solutions that help more than 70 governments strike the balance of secure borders and seamless travel.

SITA is one of the most internationally diverse companies, providing services in over 200 countries and territories. In Canada SITA has more than 340 employees, primarily located in the headquarters location in Montreal, Quebec and in its regional office in Burlington, Ontario.

SITA places a premium on acting responsibly, based on the guiding principle that sustainability and corporate social responsibility can make a positive difference for employees, the air transport industry, broader society, and the environment.