Worktopia & Ready, Willing and Able: A National Collaboration

Since the fall of 2014, Ready, Willing and Able has worked with Canadian businesses to build inclusive workplaces that capitalize on the skills and qualifications of people with an intellectual disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). A key factor in RWA’s capacity to successfully support businesses in fostering a more inclusive workplace is our commitment to collaboration and partnership-building with agencies and programs that support job seekers with an intellectual disability or ASD.

Since 2016, RWA has actively collaborated with Worktopia, a national project designed to improve employment readiness and enhance employment skills of individuals with ASD. This collaboration has had a significant impact on businesses and job seekers alike. For businesses, our collaboration with agencies and programs supporting job seekers expands their talent pipeline. For job seekers, collaboration across supports and services strengthens pathways to employment for job seekers, from helping them navigate the diversity of employment-related services and supports in their community to providing direct learning opportunities for building employment-related skills and connections to competitive employment opportunities.

Nadira Badri’s experience in connecting with both RWA and Worktopia showcases how working together helps us connect talent to Canadian businesses, like United Bakers Dairy Restaurant, who are looking to hire.

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