National Employers

Ready, Willing and Able works to engage employers and increase their understanding of the value of hiring people with an intellectual disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our goal is to connect employers with job opportunities to the skilled people they need to fill those jobs. Much of this engagement occurs at a local level through the efforts of the RWA Labour Market Facilitators, and Regional Autism Coordinators, working in 20 communities across Canada. This local employer engagement includes employer forums, networking events and individualized meetings with employers of all sizes, from a variety of different sectors.

If you are an employer in multiple jurisdictions and wish to learn how inclusive hiring can positively affect your bottom line, we would like to talk to you – please follow the link below to engage with our National Team.

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Beyond these local engagement efforts, the National RWA Team also works with a variety of national employers. These employers have locations in multiple jurisdictions, and are looking to make a broader corporate commitment to the economic value of hiring inclusively. Once these partnership commitments are secured, the individual employment opportunities are transferred to the provincial/territorial RWA staff who work to connect local managers and on-the-ground staff to the many skilled individuals ready, willing and able to fill those jobs.

Below you will find some of our primary national employers, who are already experiencing the economic benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce. RWA gratefully acknowledges their commitment and is proud to work with these industry-leaders in securing a brighter employment future for many persons with an intellectual disability or ASD across this country.

CostcoHome Depot Holloway LodgingSodexo

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