National Team

Don Gallant
National Director

Don has more than 40 years’ experience in the field of disability. Before entering the private sector in 1998, Don held senior management positions with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. Under his leadership, a comprehensive array of community-based programs and individualized supports for persons with disabilities and their families were developed. He was instrumental in the introduction of the Supported Employment model in that province. He has worked extensively as a consultant in both the private and public sector at the provincial, national and international levels. He has held the position of National Director of Ready, Willing and Able since its inception in September 2014. 

Frank Fagan
Assistant National Director

Frank Fagan comes from an extensive background in non-profit management and the arts.  Building from a Communications/Film degree from the University of Windsor in 1989, Frank’s career started in the marketing side of film and music. Eventually, Frank then segued into a sector-advocacy role for the arts, where he led provincial/regional cultural organizations in the development of major initiatives, including the development of the Cultural Policy framework Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. Frank has been with Ready, Willing and Able since its inception in 2014; occupying the role of National Manager of Operations for the first 8 years and becoming the Assistant National Director as of 2022. 

Trina Steed
National Manager – Operations

Trina Steed has an extensive background in community development, social change, advocacy, as well as inclusive employment and post-secondary education. Building on her university education in Community Development and Rehabilitation Studies, Trina’s career over the last 20 years has been driven by her passion for creating change. She has held various provincial management and director roles in Alberta, where she developed, lead and evaluated innovative projects that build community capacity for inclusion. Trina has been a part of the Ready, Willing and Able team for seven years and, in 2022, started in the role of national Operations Manager. 

Bill McGregor
National Manager – Operations

Bill brings many years of combined experience in human services, education, and the private sector. After creating and implementing innovative programs for children, youth, and their families in Manitoba and Alberta, Bill played a pivotal role in the creation of new educational reforms across Alberta. A visionary social entrepreneur with over 40 years of collaborative leadership, Bill brings his extensive relational skills to his role in Operations, helping develop and maintain partnerships across dozens of communities throughout Canada. 

Brian Foster
National Manager – Policy and Resource Development

Brian has a diverse background in the social sciences, communications, media, politics, not for profit operations, and academia. Brian has a PhD in history and social sciences from Carleton, and a Masters from Western University, as well as a wealth of strategic and operational experience spanning not for profits and private sector work over 17 years. Brian has worked as a consultant, professor, policy analyst, and director or manager, with his work focused on disability and the labour market, provincial disability policies and supported housing for the last decade. As the National Manager of Policy and Resource Development, Brian spearheads the creation of resources for Ready, Willing and Able and The Inclusive Workplace. He enjoys collaborating and engaging in discussions on inclusive employment policies from the local to the international. 

Sinthea Chowdhury
National Project Coordinator

Sinthea has spent the last decade working in various disability spaces. With experience in program development, implementation, and advocacy, Sinthea specializes in collaborating with diverse communities across the country to understand their unique needs and foster culturally centered community initiatives. Drawing from her experience in the performing arts, she enjoys incorporating elements of storytelling into her work. Currently, Sinthea coordinates a number of trailblazing projects at Ready, Willing and Able, including several career advancement initiatives, and a BIPOC Youth employment project. She looks forward to continuing her work with diverse disability communities throughout Canada and to further develop her intersectional lens.