Ready, Willing, and Able is very pleased to welcome auticon Canada as its newest national employer partner

Ready, Willing, and Able (RWA) is very pleased to welcome auticon Canada as its newest national employer partner. With headquarters in Calgary, and offices in both Montreal and Toronto, auticon Canada is well positioned to hire job seekers on the autism spectrum, as well as provide a neurodiverse and agile workforce for other RWA employment opportunities across the country.   […]

The Benefits of Inclusive Hiring – Belpro Medical

Founded in 1996, Belpro Medical is a family-owned company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of products mainly intended for the healthcare market. Specialist in orthopedic supply, restraint, preventive surface and identification bracelet, Belpro Medical stands out for its great ability to adapt its products to the needs of its customers. Belpro Medical is a […]