Ready, Willing and Able supports businesses of all sizes and industries to enhance inclusion in the workplace.

Since 2014, RWA has:

  • Connected with over 18,000 Canadian businesses
  • Supported Canadian businesses in hiring candidates with an intellectual disability or on the autism spectrum for over 4000 jobs
  • Developed nationwide partnerships with eight national employers, three of which have been recognized as Canada’s Best Diversity Employers for 2022
  • Received formal recognition for innovative work in creating inclusive workplaces, including receiving an award from Zero Project, at the United Nations in Vienna (2017)

To find out more about how RWA works in your community, please click on the FIND RWA STAFF button (on the right hand side of your screen) to connect with a member of the RWA team in your community.

To learn more about how inclusive hiring can positively impact your bottom line, read the Business Case for Hiring Individuals with intellectual disabilities or on the autism spectrum or refer to the resources and information provided below.

Frequently Asked Questions

You asked: We answered. Ready, Willing and Able is designed to help employers understand the value of inclusive hiring. Here are the answers to many employers Frequently Asked Questions about the initiative and how it works.