Innovative Projects

In addition to our core work with employers, Ready, Willing and Able is pleased to be working on other initiatives aimed at increasing labor market participation for people on the autism spectrum or with an intellectual disability. These are:

  1. Developing a resource and learning hubBuilding and maintaining a website (The Inclusive Workplace) that serves as a valuable resource for employers, job seekers, employees, and employment agencies.
  2. Youth employment projectsFacilitating the delivery of employment projects in Indigenous communities to support young individuals in preparing for and finding jobs.
  3. Career advancement focusRWA is working with agency partners to create Individual Professional Development Plans that help employees already employed progress in their careers.

Learn more about each initiative below!

The Inclusive Workplace

The Inclusive Workplace is a resource and learning hub that was first created in 2020. Initially, it focused on addressing the changes in the job market because of Covid. The site has evolved into a comprehensive knowledge center that is constantly adding new articles, tools, and expanded e-learning options. This website offers guidance, tools, tactics and resources to individuals on the autism spectrum or with an intellectual disability who are seeking jobs, to employment agencies assisting job seekers, and to employers aiming to build inclusive workplaces.

For more information, please contact, Brian Foster, National Resource Manager, at

Youth Employment Projects

In 2019, RWA started a new initiative to address the specific employment challenges faced by young people belonging to First Nation and/or BIPOC communities across the country. RWA collaborated with ten community-based partners in British Columbia, Ontario, Nunavut, and Saskatchewan. These partners were provided with funds to conduct a community-based Needs Assessment, develop a culturally appropriate pre-employment and employment training curriculum, and run a Youth Pre-employment/Employment Training Pilot Project in each community. In total, 128 individuals participated in these projects, resulting in over 65 successful hires. These projects were community-led and contributed to building greater capacity within the communities while promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce.

We are delighted to announce that we will be continuing these efforts. We have planned an additional twelve projects to be carried out between November 1, 2022, and March 2027.

For more information, please contact Sinthea Chowdhury, National Coordinator, at

Career Advancement Projects

Career Advancement Projects In 2022, RWA took on a series of projects to explore ways to support the long-term career growth of employees with an intellectual disability or those on the autism spectrum. The results of these projects were:

  1. A formal research project that gathered existing knowledge and resources on career advancement for our target groups.
  2. The creation of 59 Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDPs) in partnership with 14 employment agencies across Canada. These plans helped employees with an intellectual disability or on the autism spectrum, identify specific training and skill-building opportunities, and they received funding and necessary support to pursue these opportunities.
  3. Conducting guided discussions with specific national employers to discuss and share their internal promotion and advancement practices. The goal was to identify and remove any barriers for autistic employees or those with an intellectual disability. These sessions supplied practical insights to develop accessible and inclusive strategies for supporting career development.

We will continue our efforts in this area until March 31, 2027. RWA is working closely with targeted employers to help them implement the learnings and enhance their HR practices and advancement strategies. Additionally, in collaboration with partner employment agencies, we look forward to our partners developing 60 more Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDPs) for employees with an intellectual disability or on the autism spectrum.

For more information, please contact Sinthea Chowdhury, National Coordinator, at