Success Stories

At Coop Coco & Calendula, Inclusion is Synonymous with Retention

Among the 25 employees working at Coop Coco & Calendula, three are participants in the Ready, Willing and Able’s employment program: packing clerk Lucia Feola, and production clerks Heather Franklin and Shadday Polony. Coop Coco & Calendula is a company known for their natural soaps and body care products. In it’s early years, a volunteer […]

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Safety First! Breaking Down Myths with Bluewave Energy

Think that employees with a disability pose a bigger safety risk in the workplace than their colleagues without a disability?  Think again.  Research of inclusive employers has consistently found that employees with a disability typically rate average or above average on safety.  And through Ready, Willing and Able employers are moving beyond the research, with […]

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Pacific Bolt Aligns Employee Skill with Job

One of the biggest barriers to inclusive hiring is the perception of exceptional costs to accommodate someone with an intellectual disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). However, a recent study of 2,000 employers by the Job Accommodation Network showed that 57% of employers reported zero additional costs from hiring an individual with an intellectual disability […]

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