Auticon: Nurturing Career Advancement and Neurodiversity in the Tech Industry

“In this world, it’s essential to understand that everyone has their unique strengths and talents.” – Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith, a talented professional at Auticon, shares an inspiring journey that showcases how this innovative company is transforming lives and fostering career advancement. Auticon is an autistic-majority company that integrates autistic technology consultants into client organizations, excelling in roles such as software development and data analysis. This firsthand interaction promotes cultural change and advances neurodiversity. Auticon supports the autistic community by fostering quality careers, empowering clients through neurodiversity training, and promoting autonomy.

With over two years of experience at Auticon and seven months in her current role, Sarah is making a significant impact in the world of social media content creation. She describes her responsibilities as encompassing crafting engaging copy, designing eye-catching graphics, and generating fresh concepts and ideas. Her journey at Auticon is marked not only by her contributions but also by her remarkable career progression.

Sarah describes her journey as “excellent” in every aspect, from the incredible people she works with to the nature of the work she does and the broader community she serves. Her professional growth and advancement are testaments to the supportive environment at Auticon.

The key factor to Sarah’s career advancement at Auticon is the support she’s received. Her journey starts with an expert mentor who has offered invaluable knowledge, guidance, structure, and industry insights. This mentorship has resulted in significant professional growth for Sarah , allowing her to excel in her chosen field.

Sarah shares, “My manager is a marketing expert who has supported me by providing helpful knowledge, advice, direction, structure, and industry insights – as a result I’ve experienced significant career growth.”

Sarah also highlights her job coach who plays a central role in her career success story. Sarah notes “My job coach is the glue that holds it all together for me. When I’m experiencing a challenge, my job coach is there to help me work through it. They offer helpful tips, advice, and they even do a great job of lifting my spirits on difficult days. My job coach has educated me on new tools and ways of doing things specific to my challenges with autism, ADHD and CPTSD, and I use those tools daily.”

The efficient onboarding process at Auticon was made smoother by the presence of her job coach, minimized stress and confusion, making Sarah feel well-supported during her transition, enabling her to focus on her career growth.

The process of requesting and receiving support is a well-oiled machine at Auticon. Regular check-ins with the job coach allow Sarah to identify challenges and needs, with paperwork and requests handled promptly, ensuring that her career journey remains on a steady upward trajectory.

Sarah candidly shares her initial struggles with self-advocacy and defining her own needs. However, the presence of the job coach helped her understand the available supports and that she didn’t have to navigate these challenges alone. The experience at Auticon has been transformative, significantly improving Sarah’s job satisfaction, career progression, and overall performance.

Despite her progress, Sarah acknowledges the challenges she still faces in her role. These challenges range from managing chronic pain, self-advocacy, and sensory issues to organizing her calendar, regulating focus, and handling social anxiety. However, her toolkit of strategies, combined with the continuous support from Auticon, allows her to navigate these hurdles effectively, contributing to her ongoing career success.

For Sarah working at Auticon has opened new doors, kindling a renewed passion for her career. The stability and support she’s found in this inclusive environment have not only transformed her professional life but also had a profound impact on her personal well-being and relationships outside of work, illustrating how career advancement can lead to holistic well-being.

In parting, Sarah offers a powerful message to job seekers with disabilities: “Keep Going.” She emphasizes the changing landscape, where more organizations are embracing inclusivity and adapting processes to better support neurodiverse individuals. Sarah encourages connecting with supportive communities, finding organizations committed to inclusion, and maintaining a positive outlook through adversity. She reminds everyone that their unique minds are valuable, beautiful, and that they are not alone in their struggles.